Ways to Keep Your Dog’s Hair Shiny And Glossy

What is the one thing that identifies a healthy dog? The first thing that dog owners will say is how the dogs have a shiny coat. You know that your dogs are really happy when they emit a glow from every fiber of their hair that shines down all the way to its ends. But what does it mean when the dogs have lifeless and dull looking hair? Would you think they are unhealthy, or just normal to them? What can you do to make your dog get better hair?

Causes of lifeless, dull looking hairunderstanding-how-dog-hair-grows-l-twxucj

Most veterinarians will tell you that the cause of dull and lifeless looking hair is poor nutrition. Even if you try to make sure that your dog’s coat is shiny and glossy by using the best shampoo and conditioner, the root of the problem still exist. What you need to address first is to change their diet. Dogs have to get a full protein and real meat diet.  They will also recommend less on any preservatives, by-products, and grains such as soy, wheat and corn as they can cause allergies.

But you can also ask the vet what kind of diet your dog needs as there might be an underlying condition to your dog’s dull and lifeless hair. In this case, you need to have your dog checked by the vet so that they can address the problem right away. Parasites like roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms can deplete all of the key nutrients to make the dog’s hair vibrant, shiny and glossy. Fleas and ticks, infections, kidney conditions, thyroid and many other health problems can also cause dry hair. You need to make sure that your dog gets the clean bill of perfect health.

Other Hair Grooming Options

If you own a dog with long hair such as border collies, Irish setters, Pomeranians and shelties, their hairs need to be brushed for two times each week.

If your dog tends to shed or have a very thick undercoat, it should be brushed once each week. Don’t get lax if you own a short-haired breed. They still need that regular brushing as this will help take out loose hair.

When brushing the dog’s hair, make sure you use the appropriate tools for it. There are different brush types – the same way that dogs have different types of hair. Generally, you will need two kinds of brushes – one that got teeth with wide spaces, which will be used to brush the outer layer of the coat; the other one is a fine tooth brush, which is used for brushing and combing the hair around the face. You can also ask for recommendations from your pet groomer or veterinarian.

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